Gallery: Riverside — Historic County Courthouse

Gallery: Riverside — Historic County Courthouse

Designed by Franklin P. Burnham of the Los Angeles architectural firm of Burnham and Bliesner, the cost of constructing the Beaux Arts styled courthouse was $160,000. Construction began on May 7, 1903 and was completed June 23, 1904. In 1995, the courthouse underwent a 3-year, $25 million renovation and seismic upgrade.

The building’s ornate facade was modeled after both the Grand Palace and Petite Palace at the 1900 Paris Exposition (“World’s Fair”). A 1933 expansion at the rear by noted Riverside architect G. Stanley Wilson closely followed the building’s original designs. A jail facility addition at Eleventh and Orange by another Riverside architect – Herman O. Ruhnau – was completed around 1960. Its blocky, modern look stood in stark contrast to the earlier designs. In 2012, this later addition was demolished.

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  1. Julie Williams December 21, 2020 at 5:39 PM

    Could someone please educate me to the significance of the sculptures (replicated seven times) over the doorways. There are three figures that represent something. What do these figures represent? There is a photo of what I am referring to in the 2004 design details – photo number 3. Thanks for the help.

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